Home of My Ancestors, a Rich History of Scot’s Hall


In my research of my paternal grandmother’s ancestry, I learned that at one time, the Scot (Scott) family resided in a mansion in Smeeth, East Ashford, Kent England.  I did not delve into the details of this hall when I found that it was no longer in existence.

Recent genealogy research has brought to light some interesting information, about Scot’s Hall, home of my ancestors, including its location about three miles South-East of Ashford.

The land upon which Scot’s Hall was built was at one time the Park of Brabourne, and was enclosed as such.  This was at least two centuries before the Norman Conquest which brought my Scott ancestors to this country.

The first mansion built on this site was originally moted.  William Scot, (     <1433) was in residence there while he served as Sheriff of Kent in about 1429.  By 1450 in was in ruins.

The second mansion, was rebuilt and enlarged by William’s grandson, Sir William Scot (1459-1524), around 1491 and is pictured here.  It supposedly faced the south-east.  At this time it would have been one of the most magnificent manorial residences in the country.Scott's Hall Kent England

Scot’s Hall was remodeled in 1634 and a new front was added.

Why is the history of Scot’s Hall important?  It gives us a rich history of the Scot Family.

Although there are controversies and obscurities in the history of the Scots before 1402, from that time forward we have records connected with Scot’s Hall that are evidence of the genealogy from that time, beginning with William, Sheriff of Kent, who died in 1433.

In the Scrolls of Scot’s Hall we are able to trace the lineage of this family.  It is here that we learn about some of their feats of courage.  We find information about their spouses, neighbors, rivals, and friends.

The last Scot to occupy Scot’s Hall was Francis Talbot Scott (1745 – 1787).  On his death, the estate was sold, and the old mansion was torn down in 1808.

The branches of the Scott Family are widespread.  The history of the home of my ancestors lives on.

I have in my possession a reproduction of the Memorials of the Family Scott, of Scot’s-Hall, in the County of Kent, written by James Renat Scott, F.S.A.  Much of the information in this blog was found in that book.

Hopefully, a visit to the home of my ancestors will complete my genealogy research of this family.



  1. Hi there,

    I am also a decendant of William Scott (he’s my 15th Great Grandfather) Ive been looking for some evidence of scot’s hall and wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog post. It would be so great to visit here someday. I look forward to reading more of you posts.


    • Thanks, Ashley. I have been absent from my blogging for a while, having knee replacement surgery. and will have the other knee done in January. I have led several trips to various countries, but we have yet to do the England/Scotland trip. I have a wonderful itinerary planned that will visit many of the sites connected to the Scott family history, including the area where Scot Hall was located. Hopefully in a couple of years I will be able to lead that trip. If you will send me your email address, I will contact you when the trip is contracted with a tour company. Would love to have other Scott descendants go. My email is armanges@yahoo.com.

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